Articles of ConFEEDeration

Version 5.1:

We the people of the Feeders Feed, in order to form a more orderly feed, do hereby remove Personal Feed Anarchy from the Feeders Feed. In its stead, the establishment of moderated posts will commence immediately and continue indefinitely.

  1. As the FF has grown, the instance of numerous cross conversations has increased, causing several members to follow the Feeders Feed instead of TheBlaze TV. We will still allow most, if not all comments, but wish to slow the flow of comments in order to allow all Feeders the chance to participate and enjoy both the Feeders Feed and TheBlaze TV.
  2. If this is your first time visiting the Feeders Feed, you may feel overwhelmed and it might seem like everyone knows each other. The amount of comments posted can get overwhelming at times. If you feel overwhelmed, please speak up and we will ask people to SLOW DOWN. Our group is growing almost daily- yesterday’s first-timers are today’s regulars, and we want EVERYONE to have that experience!!!
  3. Please be respectful of others and refrain from using foul or inappropriate language, and try to avoid or minimize private/cross conversations within the Feeders Feed.
  4. Please be patient with your Fearless Leaders, *TLan80*,  DM in DM, and Dee, because we are amateur moderators/administrators, who wish to carry on the good work of Feeders Feed FOUNDER and our former fearless leader, Donna Reed.
  5. Jeffy, Mrs Jeffy, and Natasha have visited the Feeders Feed in the past and are free and welcome to drop in at any time. However,this an unofficial feed, linked by Jeffy out of the goodness of his heart on the official Feed.
  6. The Feeders Feed WILL NOT at ANY TIME compete against the Official Feed. Please don’t ask if we will run the Feeders Feed during any time when the Official Feed is live, because we will ALWAYS REFUSE.
  7. During certain times of decreased participation, we will, at our discretion, free all Feeders from the chains of the Blue Font and offer them Black Font Anarchy – completely unmoderated posting ability. Please remember that Black Font Anarchy is a privilege and not a right – all rules stated above still apply.
  8. In the words of the honorable @JKPTuesday, “we are not employees of Glenn Beck, just fans.”