Mike in Frisco, TX

While not a moderator, Mike is the technical guru that provided the resources to make The Feeders Feed a reality.

MikeInFriscoTXOriginally from Ottawa, Kansas (hometown of disgraced Democrat Gary Hart), he started learning computers and communications as a teenager. He has worked for various companies, recently taking a transfer with the major computer company he works for from Houston, Texas (where he unfortunately worked and lived in Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s district) to Frisco, Texas, just outside of Dallas.

Mike is also the President and Founder of On The Spot Communications, which is donating the space for The Feeders Feed.

When not plugging away at a computer, Mike likes to relax with model railroading, riding his mountain bike or playing paintball.

Mike is a relative newcomer to Glenn Beck, first hearing about him from a coworker in early 2009 (after listening to Rush Limbaugh whenever possible for more than a decade), and started watching DVR recordings of his Fox News show soon thereafter. A victim of an 8-5 work schedule, his opportunities to listen to the radio show were limited. He joined GBTV on launch week, and has watched the nightly shows ever since. While working from home for a period made him a more active participant, he is back in an office job, but still attempts to watch TheBlaze and Mark Levin’s Conservative Review TV when he can.

Mike’s Blog: On The Spot Blog

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