A plan to solve the 4th Hour Constitutional crisis

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    Proposed change to Article II, Section 3:
    Change veto override from 83% to 66%

    Amendment 9 – James K Polk Tuesday.
    James K Polk Tuesday (also referred to as JKPT) will be performed during every live show that occurs on Tuesday. The following conditions shall and must be met to constitute a valid JKPT segment.

    Section A: The James K Polk sounder and graphic used in previous JKPT segments shall be played at the beginning and end of each and every JKPT segment from here forth.

    Section B: A fact relating to James K Polk, the 11th President of the United States of America, shall be submitted by a person. This person could be an employee or intern of Mercury Radio Arts, from the Feed, a caller, or anyone else.

    Section C: This fact shall be read on the air at a volume which is consistent with the volume of which the show is normally heard, read at a speed which is consistent with how fast Pat and Stu (and average people) normally talk, and posted on The Feed. The fact must be posted on The Feed and started to be read before 12:50pm eastern or 10 minutes before the end of that day’s 4th Hour.

    Section D: A fact shall not be given more than once within 6 months of having been read. Any and all facts given before the ratification of this Constitution shall not be restricted by this section.

    Section E: Show, as mentioned in the preamble of this amendment refers to the show this Constitution governs.

    Section F: Any violations of this Amendment will revoke any and all powers given to Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere in any and all parts of this Constitution. These revoked powers shall then be rendered to the members of The Feed effective immediately until such time a new Constitution is ratified, or power is delegated by members of The Feed. This potentially means in part Pat and Stu will no longer be given the satisfaction of preventing Jeffy from eating, seeing Jeffy dance, or having Sarah say “doodie”.

    Addition to Article II
    Section 4 – Constitutional Secretary
    The President(s) of The 4th Hour shall appoint at their discreation a Constitutional Secretary. The Constitutional Secretary is responsible for accepting proposed Amendments from the Feeders and the President(s), and presenting at least one potential Amendment per calendar week (Monday – Friday) for a vote. If the Secretary does not recieve any proposed Amendments then he/she is not required to submit a potential Amendment for a vote that week. The Secretary may at his/her discretion have The Feed Czar post any proposed Amendments on The Feed.

    Proposed change to Article V
    An Amendment shall be proposed (no matter how ridiculous it may be) to the Secretary (as mentioned in Article II Section 4) by any Feeder or President(s), and presented by the Secretary for a vote. An Amendment shall be passed with a favorable vote of 51% of The Feeders and a favorable vote of the President(s).

    Proposed addition to Article VI
    The Ratification of the Conventions of 66% of The Feeders, both hosts, and a successful vote on the potential radification of Amendment 9 – James K Polk Tuesday as outlined in Article V shall be sufficient for the Establishment of this Constitution.

    Amendment 10 – Powers to the Feeders and People
    The powers not delegated to Pat and/orStu, nor prohibited by them to the Feeders, are reserved to the Feeders respectively, or to the people.



    I just this plan off to Jeffy, Natasha, and Sarah.



    Oops, I meant to say in the above message “I just sent this plan off to Jeffy, Natasha, and Sarah.”



    I sent it to Jeffy too….I hope it works. End to TYRANNY on the 4th Hour!!



    Well done TLan . keep up the good work



    Thanks 🙂



    Was pondering impactful actions and thought of this:

    We go on comment-strike or only submit repetitive comments at a pre-determined date/time – only problem with this is that not all feeders are forum readers or on Feeders’ Feed; how to get this to all feeders? including that perpetual Guest

    And that is the other option: we all be ‘Guest’ (kind of a feed version of the anarchists’ bandanas, lol)



    Good job – I would think we need to have verbiage that they have to do the JKPT fact and segment during the middle of the 4th hour – instead in the last 15 seconds. Just my 2 cents.



    Good idea cyndeesc, I modified Section C to tighten up those loopholes.

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