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    As promised, our own discussion/action group online meetings!

    Sunday afternoons starting at 2pm (eastern)

    Please offer suggestions, expectations!

    This is a duplicate post under Mercury One as this will certainly be a part of Mercury One efforts



    Fantastic! I’m planning on being there (online, right? 😎



    Remember that Daylights Savings Time is over Saturday night.



    yup, yup, online and after the time switch



    ohhh shoot I missed it… sorry gang…11am not as ez as I thought it would be…my alarm was set but forgot to take phone off silence after church…do I understand correctly another at 5pm EST?



    It says 5 pm, but on the previous session, Donna said 6pm.



    Had to go to another house to get here; ISP has net down at my place; Primer “tupperware” party postponed to next Sun 11/20; so sorry; blessings!



    Ack! Poor Donna! How frustrating! Next week, it is. It’s now on the calendar. 🙂



    this looks good! I’ll try to be here.



    We’re on for 6pm (e) today!
    Attached is Week #2 packet




    Cool Packet #2. Is there a packet #1?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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