Looking for good recipes for leftovers

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    Hi gang..what I’m looking for, is recipes for leftovers. We don’t waste food but eating the same thing for 2-3 days gets..well old. Don’t get me wrong I’m thankful for the food we have to eat. Unfortunately I never paid attention to my mom’s YUMMY casseroles…I wish I had. With just my husband and I we usually have left overs every other night so I’m looking for simple recipes to use..nothing difficult just a way to switch up a meal.
    I usually make fried rice w/ left over beef or chicken..but would LOVE to see some casseroles in the recipe section. Thanks



    Leftovers Choice 1: Shepherd’s Pie Tweak
    Place leftovers (except potatoes, save those) into a casserole.
    Mix up some appropriate instant gravy, use leftover gravy or undiluted cream of mushroom soup; pour over leftovers…

    Whip up leftover potatoes or make a batch of mashed taters (even instant for an easier prep); spread those on top of the casserole

    Bake for about 45-60 min in 350F oven

    Leftovers Choice 2: Pot Pie
    Place leftovers in casserole
    Top with a thawed sheet of puff pastry for a family sized pot pie (or make individual pot pies)

    Leftovers Choice 3: Dumplings
    In large soup pot (with a lid), add leftovers; leave about 3″ on top for dumplings
    Cover with stock or broth
    Bring to a boil
    Drop dumpling batter on top (bisquick, add milk until batter is consistency of soft ice cream or a little looser than whipped potatoes)
    Drop heat to about half and cover
    About ten minutes later, you have dinner

    Leftovers Choice 4: Soup
    Except for meat, tater skins and other fibrous stuff, puree leftovers in blender or food processor
    Freshen up with a new round of herbs/spices (tarragon and rosemary are great at freshening up leftovers)
    Cube meat and add to mix
    Bring to a boil, then simmer for a hour
    Can freeze for a later quick meal

    Leftovers Choice 5: Breakfast
    Dice up leftovers
    Put in cake pan or casserole
    Beat enough eggs to cover leftovers
    Top with cheese
    Bake for 30 min in 350F oven

    Leftovers Choice 6: Pasties
    Thaw or make a pie crust
    Using half a pie crust, place non-soggy leftovers on one half of these halves; fold over crust, crimp edges and poke steam hole in top
    Serve with gravy



    Ohhh wonderful idea..ya know I used to make Shepherds pie all the time…i’d totally forgotten about that…

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