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    I have tried several different ways to post the whole Numerology Chart and I cannot do it on this format and it is far too large to fit here. It is also too confusing to try posting the information not in chart form. I tried to find a link to post, but could only find the letter/number chart and the chart I have in my book is far more extensive. I will post only what appears to be the relevant column and will attempt more at a later date if requested to do so.

    from Dictionary of Symbols (Penguin Books) ISBN-13:978-0-140-51254-0

    Da ‘wah (call, invocation)

    Alphabet set out according to the Abjad (the four prime attributes of God) with their respective numeral: K = 20

    Attributes or names of God and numeral for the attribute: Kafi = 111

    Meaning of the attribute: Honest

    Category of the attribute: Kindly

    Good or evil quality of the letter: Love

    Element: Water

    Perfume appropriate to the letter: White rose leaves

    Zodiacal sign: Scorpio

    Planet : Sun

    Genius (jinn)* : Kadyush

    Guardian Angel : Kharura il

    * we call jinns genies

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