Potential “Gotcha Question” against Romney

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    I am not sure if this is the best way to get a potential topic to the team but here goes. I recently had a conversation with a “formally” very good liberal friend on facebook. During the course of back and forth, she made the following statement:
    “Religious conviction will not be upheld against those laws, even if this were the Mormon church which believes (or so I thought) that persons of African descent (i.e., Negroes) have lesser souls than Caucasians.”
    I was shocked to see her say this since she is very intelligent and not the type of person I would would have ever expected to spread a dirty rumor. I did some research on my own and there had been some history in the Mormon church, heck their is history all over America for discrimination against people of African decent.

    With Glenn’s philosophy of bring things to to the light of day, I thought this would be a good topic for him to consider since I am sure it will come up if Romney is the nominee, if not by Obama directly, then by one of his Super PACs. It will come up in one of the “Gotcha” interview questions like Santorum was hit with recently about single women in his possible administration.

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