preparing for an EMP

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    This is a good article about how to prepare for an EMP or severe solar storm. It also has info on what they are and how they mess up electronics.



    thanks, i’ve sent that to others.

    I haven’t read through the whole thing but…… microwaves are faraday cages too.

    also…anything that would have an electronic start won’t work, including most watches etc, so have a hand wind clock of some sort.

    have matches and candles/oil lamps. also glow sticks.



    Thus, the same reason Glenn said to get a tube ham radio. Not because the signal could be i.d.’d or tampered with, as a computer, but because transistors would be fried by an EMP, but tubes would not.



    i thought that the article said tubes weren’t immune……no harm putting foil over it…… enough to protect it.

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