Scooter (As heard on GBTV 18NOV11) Interview

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    This guy rocks & by God I’m going to find a way to help him!



    I sent Scooter an e-mail offering whatever I could to help him out (& invited him to join us on the Feeders Feed & Forums) he’s a stand-up guy with principles. Here’s his reply:

    “Good afternoon.

    First off…thank you for your service and sacrifice.

    There are two groups of people I won’t accept offers from.

    Children, unless they are with a parent and want their child to experience giving.

    And (knowingly) any veterans. When I see active military, or retired with something that tells me they served, I go out of my way to shake their hand. In better times, if I saw them at a food counter, I would pay for the meal. Your offer is gratefully acknowledged, but with total respect decline. If you feel the need, may I suggest The USO or Wounded Warriors.

    I regret the challenges you face. The pain is not an issue for me, but depression does tend to sit in fromt time to time. Frankly, I think I’d be emotionally dead if it didn’t.

    I have been to W.V. Berkely Springs when the ex-gal pal and I were fishing around for places to live. Was nice, but didn’t feel like “home” to us.

    I won’t give up as long as I have some inner power to call upon. I do pray nearly nightly and I see it work. Be well, thank you again for reaching out and have a GREAT Thanksgiving with and for you and yours. Hopefully see you on the forums.




    Here are Scooter’s blogs

    his Twitter

    a list of things he does and doesn’t need (this page also has his email address)



    I emailed Scooter, and not only reaffirmed Mac’s invite to the forum here, but also told him about The Feed, Feeders Feed, and us Feeders. He might be dropping by Monday or Tuesday. 😀



    Schweet! I hope he has the bandwidth to be on the Feeders Feed with us! Just too bad I won’t be around, unless I get lucky & bag a deer in the 1st 45 minutes of deer season like I did in 09! If my son gets the 10-point out there though, I’ll knock him out, steal the deer & be back early 😛

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