Ugliest Liberal Woman

Admit it – you see a liberal woman on TV, spouting her progressive psychobabble and you think, or even say out loud, “Why are liberal women so UGLY??? She has to be the ugliest woman in the world!”

We won’t attempt to answer the “why.” It’s easy to assume that each has a deep well of inner ugliness that “shines through” or perhaps it’s best to chalk that up to God’s sense of humor.

What we can and will do is help you decide who is the UGLIEST LIBERAL WOMAN in the world!!!!

To determine the final 64 Ugly Libs, we used the RPI – Really Progressive Index – and ranked the hags, I mean, LADIES, by way of their raw UGLY power, influence, annoyance, disgust, filth, and godless, socialist, EVIL.

Like any other rankings index, it is not perfect. However, you now have the power to award your least favorite ladyprog to the grand throne of Trolldom!!!

Beginning Monday, October 22nd, we will have two match ups each day during the Glenn Beck and will continue until a champion is crowned.

The matches themselves are simple. A vote will be held to determine which liberal is uglier. The winner (if you can call it that) will advance to the next round. If any matches end in a tie, both contestants will advance and a winner-take-all three-way vote will take place.

On Thursday, December 13th, after weeks of voting, it came down to declaring who was the ugliest…


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